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Hey guys, My name is sushant kumar and I'm from INDIA. I've been playing guitars for more than 6 years now and I have a diploma degree in music. Currently I'm a undergrad engineering student. 

Now, you might have wondering If I'm an engineering student then why am I writing about music. Well we are engineers we can do anything, hehe. Jokes apart I love writing about different scientific stuffs and short stories since my childhood. And after I learned guitar it added a new topic on my writing skill, and truly speaking this is way more interesting then I thought. 

I think music is something that connects us and guitar is a feeling of Love. This leads me to star a website by which I can share some valuable information about guitars that I gained from my experience.


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guitarduniya is an affiliate website. So that when you purchases through my links I get commission and this helps me to get continue my work. Therefore I would like to request you to please share the articles if you like it.
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