About acoustic guitar

First of all a basic question arises. What is this Acoustic guitar? Well, I'll try to explain you about acoustic guitar in short and simple way

>>So, the acoustic guitar is nothing but a part of guitar family that produces sound via vibrating strings fix in guitar body above a hollow chamber.
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Different types of acoustic guitar

Traditionally there are 10 different types of acoustic guitar available, but only 4 types of guitars are generally used and most demanded in market. These are:-
1) Steel string acoustic guitar
2) Nylon string acoustic guitar 
3) Twelve string acoustic guitar
4) Archtop acoustic guitar

1) Steel string acoustic guitar

Steel string acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that everyone uses at their initial stage or you can say most of the guitar players begin their guitar journey with steel string acoustic guitar. This is an modern form of guitar with brighter and louder sound. Steel string guitars always attracts us by it's look, design and sound of course. 
Flat top guitars are the most popular type of steel string guitar. And if you are beginner and willing to buy a guitar then steel string guitar is for you or I can say for every beginners. But the list is not over yet. Steel string flat top guitars also come in different categories. They are :- 
i) 00/ Grand concert/ parlor steel 
This type of acoustic guitar is a kind of classical guitar and the also the smallest in the category which is why it's very comfortable to play and best for younger players.
ii) Grand auditorium guitar/ 000 guitar
This guitar is bit wider in shape but also comfortable for the players because of the convex back shape of guitar. Basically this guitar is best for fingerpicking and strumming. As per the Indian market these guitar are really expensive and guitar like Taylor 100 Series  is the best example of this.
iii) Dreadnought 
These guitar are the most used or you can say the most available acoustic guitar. This style of guitar is generally designed to produce a deeper sound then any other guitar. These are the best form guitar from every prospective, it sounds great, it looks great and more often it comes under budget for example yamaha F310
So, these are the different types of steel string guitars. Now, the choice is yours. If you want a guitar for your younger once then go for  parlor steel, If you a profession musician and can afford any guitar or if you are interested in expensive guitars then go for grand auditorium guitar and if you want to buy it for your interest or to develop some hobby then go for dreadnought.

2)Nylon string acoustic guitar or (classical guitar)

Nylon string guitar or classical guitar is a traditional form of guitar which is generally used to play classical music. This guitar is also known as  Spanish guitar because it derived from the Spanish form of instrument Vihuela and gittern.
Well, if I'm saying it's a classical guitar that doesn't mean you can't play modern music. In this guitar you can play classical, Latin and even pop.
Classical guitars are normally smaller than most acoustic guitar. This size makes younger player comfortable to play. If we talk about the features then it has a similar feature like other acoustic guitar, it shares the same 6 string but here the strings are made up of nylon. The sound of nylon string differentiate the classical guitar and steel string acoustic guitars. And this is the main feature that, it vibrates at a large amplitude when plucked.
Playing classical guitar is more easier then modern guitars because of it's shorter neck. Classical guitar is generally played for fingerstyle but you can also play it with pick. Ibanez GA15-NT 6-String Classical Guitar  is the best example.
Besides classical music, these guitars are used primarily in flamenco music, although “flamenco guitars” differ in both construction and tone.
  • flamenco guitars
Flamenco guitars are quite different in construction and sound as compared to classical guitar. Although it has same nylon strings and looks really similar to classical guitar but features are really different in reality. Flamenco guitars are built lighter with thinner tops than classical guitars, which produces a brighter and more percussive sound quality. Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar is the best example.

3) Twelve string guitar 

The 12-string guitar is a steel-string guitar with 12 strings attached in it. It produces more thicker tone then any other normal six string guitar.
In this guitar the neck is more wider to fix all the extra strings. This type of guitar is one of the most favorite of every advance musician only because of it's rice tone. 12-string guitars are made in both acoustic and electric form. However, the acoustic type is more common. Washburn WD10S12 12-String Acoustic Guitar is the best example of any 12-string guitars.
Here the strings are in pair that's why it is little difficult for players or beginner players to tune the guitar.
For tuning the guitar. First you need to tune the normal E A D G B E strings. Then tune the lower four strings an octave (E A D G). Then tune the last two strings normally (B & E)

Note:- If you are a beginners then you need to know the music theory before tuning the guitar. Without knowing the theory you can not tune your guitar. However you can use some mobile apps like TUNE YOUR GUITAR for tuning your guitar.

Features of 12-string guitars.
i) This guitar takes the sound of standard guitar to a next level.
ii) Generally used for rhythm purpose because of the difficulty comes during bending of strings.
iii) This guitar can add many unique style you may wish to play.
iv) It makes more ringing tone than any standard 6-string guitars.
v) The fretting scale is generally shorter to reduce the overall string tension.

4) Archtop guitar

An archtop guitar is a f-shape hole design acoustic guitar. This guitar also have it's electric version.
The main feature of this guitar is that it caved in a curved rather than a flat shape. Archtop guitar are very simple guitars which is generally used in jazz music. These guitars have six-strings, arched at the top and back, f-shape hole and a moveable and adjustable bridge.  Archtops are often louder than a typical dreadnought acoustic guitar.
Godin  Archtop  Acoustic Guitar is the best example.
So, these are difference between the different kinds of acoustic guitar. I tried to cover about all kinds of acoustic guitar in brief so that you can understand about acoustic in very short amount of time.  I hope now you can choose your first acoustic guitar wisely.

Below down these are the some of the best acoustic guitar in India. This will help you to choose your first acoustic guitar.


Yamaha F310 TBS 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Right-Handed, Tobacco Sunburst

Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural
KAPS ST - 10AC, 6-Strings, Acoustic Guitar, Right-Handed, Black.
Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Kadence Acoustica Series,Semi Acoustic Guitar Ash Wood with Equlizer A-06-EQ


Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic


Kadence Acoustica Series Zebra Wood Semi Acoustic Guitar


Fender SA-150C dreadnought Squier Guitar


Kadence A311, 6-strings Acoustic Guitar


Kadence Acoustica Series Semi Acoustic Guitar


Frontier 40” KFQ-10 Acoustic Guitar with Hand Rest Sunburst

Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitars(Natural)

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