About electric guitar

If you are guitarist then you might have wonder about electric guitar and does it works. Playing an electric guitar is almost every guitarist dream. And when you get attaches with an electric guitar there is no coming back. So, the question "what is an electric guitar"?

>> An electric guitar is also a part of guitar family that convert the vibration of its strings into electric signals.


Working of electric guitar

In any electric guitar there is a magnetic pickup installed within its body. When the player strum the strings the vibration of strings transform electric energy into sound energy that amplified by a loudspeaker. As electric guitars makes less audible sound while strumming or plucking it requires an amplifier.
Electric guitar works on the principle of electromagnetism. If you are from science background you most probably know what I'm talking about. Well, basically change in magnetic field generates electricity. When a magnetic field is passed through a moving coil it generates electric potential. This same phenomenon is used in electric guitar.
In electric guitar there is a device installed known as pickups which help to generates electric potential. Pickups consists of magnet which are wrapped around hundreds of coils. These magnets generates a magnetic field around the strings. And when we strum the strings an electric current flows through the coils which are wrapped in the pickups. The pickup takes that vibration through an amplifier and send it to the loudspeaker. And thus we hear the sound of an electric guitar.

Types of electric guitar

There are 4 different types of guitar. They are:-
1) Solid guitar
2) Chambered guitar
3) Semi-acoustic
4) Full hollow body
1) Solid guitar.
A solid body electric guitar is a type of electric guitar which is the most famous among the players. These guitars are generally made of hardwood such as walnut, ash, maple and even mahogany wood are used. Density of wood is also maintained which helps to increase the stability of pickups and protect from the vibration of body.
There are two brands Gibson and fender that are ruling the market from late 1930s and 1940s, and still they are at the top. But Gibson is quite expensive in the Indian market and Fender comes in the range of affordable rates. 
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2) Chambered guitar.

Chambered guitar also knows as semi-solid guitar. These guitar have a chambered shape deep within the body, generally comes with f-shape hole. The main purpose of making this guitar is to achieve a semi-acoustic tone. This guitar came in mid 50s and still has a good reputation in market. Ibanez AMF73 Semi-Hollow body Electric Guitar is the best example.

3) Semi-acosutic guitar.

Semi-acoustic guitar is actually an hollow-body electric guitar. This guitar was first design in 1930s. This guitar is just like an typical electric guitar with pickup installed, but it includes a sounding box or open chamber that makes it a bit different from any other electric guitar, this also makes guitar lighter in weight which catches the attention of many players. 
And yeah one main thing I need to mention that don't get confused between semi-acoustic guitar and electro acoustic guitar, they both are different. Electro acoustic guitar is just an acoustic guitar which can be amplified by adding pickups in it. 
The main purpose of semi-acoustic guitar is to produce a clear and warm tone which makes it more favourable for jazz players. As this guitar can be played unplugged, this made it unpopular among the rock bands or the one who love loud music. But these guitar can give the feeling of electric as well as acoustic.  
Now you might have wondering if both chambered guitar and semi-acoustic guitar looks same "what is the difference between them?". Well, here is the answer.

Chambered guitar is made up of single wood which actually made to decrease the weight of guitar. It works exactly same as solid body electric guitar. 

But semi-acoustic guitar are made from thin sheet of wood. These guitar can be played as acoustic guitar also at home when it is unplugged.

4) Hollow guitar.

These guitar are some kind of acoustic guitar, but the only difference is that they have have pickups installed. These guitar are introduced in 1920s and still considered as a jazz guitar. The name hollow body says the literal meaning of this guitar "it has nothing inside"(just like acoustic). There is nothing much to say about this guitar. If you like soft and warm type of music and this might be good for you. 

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