About Bass Guitar

Generally bass guitars are used by the professional players, But "what is the bass guitar"? and how is this different from any other guitars ?
>> Bass guitar is a type of guitar in which you just need to pluck the strings to get the bass sound.
These guitars have longer neck with typical 4 strings(sometimes 6).
Bass guitars was first introduces in 1930s and after some popularity it's gets produced at a mass level in mid 1950s by  Leo Fender and George Fullerton.
Bass guitars comes with four heavy strings (E,A,D,G)

Types of Bass guitar

There are  3 types of bass guitars. They are:-
i) P-Bass guitar
ii) Jazz guitar
iii) Acoustic-electric bass

1) P-Bass guitar.

These type of bass guitar is the most traditional form of bass guitar. P-bass guitars have single coil pickups knows as humbucker pickups. This humbuckers is a pair of two coil that cancel out the interference of other electronic equipment and produces  a bass hybrid sound.

2) Jazz Bass guitar.

This guitar is an two single coil design. There are 2 pickups are installed in it, P-type and j-type. Both are wired in humbucking manner. J-type(neck pickup) has a thinner sound then p-type (bridge pickup).

3) Acoustic-Electric Bass.

These type of basses look like acoustic guitar. These guitar are made to play without amplifier. In these guitar a different of pickups are used known as piezo pickups. These pickups gives a different mixer of ton includes acoustic and electric hybrid sound. Fender CB-60SCE is the best example of this type of bass guitar.

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