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Get the most common guitar related 

questions and their answer


1) Do playing guitar hurts ?

  If I say in one word then YES. But it won't hurt if you can able to maintain your consistency and keep practicing regularly. Have patience the day will come when you get used to with this pain and won't hurt you.

2)Do I have to practice every day?

Well, sometimes practicing everyday is not really possible. But try to find some time to practice every day. It's better to practice everyday then to practice an hour on sunday. Just keep in mind consistency is the key of success.

3)Should I buy a "hand strengthener" because my gets tired quickly

No, Don't waste your money on these type of products. Just focus on practice and after sometime your muscles get strong. It's just a matter of time.  

4) How to tune my guitar perfectly 

I prefer an mobile app. NAME :- GUITARTUNA. This can help you for perfect tuning.

5) Do i have to use a pick ?

Not actually, but if you are a beginners then i would recommend you to start with it. Just learn the basic and then explore other option. Once you start fingerstyle you will forget the option of pick.

6) Sometimes it's really frustrating, I loose my confidence and start ignoring guitar.

Well, this problem is very common. Even I went through this phase. We all know playing guitar hurts but these pains will lead you to a next level. So, be patient. Every guitarist face this problem and those who fight with this phase are the one who come out with a different skill. Otherwise you can find many people who tried to learn guitar but quit at a very initial stage, I hope you will not one of them. BEST OF LUCK!




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A Musician Playing Bass Guitar


7) What should we learn first a) Leading b) chords c)strumming  ?

I would recommend you to start with lead part. From lead you can easily learn notes of every fret. Starting from leading lesson can also help to free your finger.

8) How much time it takes to learn any guitar ?

Form my experience it took me more then 6 months with consistency to play at a good level. But I know many of my friend has learned in just 3 months. But of course not everyone, some of them tooks an year. So, it's all depends on your hard work and consistency. Still you can take 6 months on average to play at a decent level.

9)How i can play guitar?

Playing guitar needs a lots of practice. You can begin learning guitar just by getting your hand on it. Pick you guitar, check some beginner guitar lessons on YOUTUBE or you can download an app yousician. I'm not promoting it but it's really helpful, you can go through it.

10) What are the common beginners mistake should I avoid?

There are few mistakes by the beginners that you should avoid. These are:- 

I) Giving up early - A lots of people start giving up guitar at a very early stage because they feel it tough. But trust me buddy, you will feel tough only at the beginning, after crossing this stage you will get to know how interesting it feels playing guitar.

2)Not training the ear  - I highly recommend you train your ear while learning guitar, it will help you to

understand the song notes and can easily find the chords and tabs of any songs


3)Not listening to yourself, or recording yourself - Try to explore yourself, try to sing along playing guitar.

Many people just avoid matching their voice with guitar. This lack of coordination between you and playing guitar can cost you later, or even it takes a longer period of time for you to learn guitar. It's better to learn this at beginning because later it will be bit frustrating.

4)Untuning the guitar - This is an important point because at a beginning stage you don't really know about guitar much. If you keep your guitar tuned all the time it might cost you because keeping it in tuned can bend the neck of guitar or may also cost the getting out the bridge of guitar. So, to avoid this keep your guitar untune at night after practicing or if you taking any type of short break for it.




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