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3 Common Guitar Mistakes To Avoid For Better Performance

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

You can only grow when you do mistakes and try to avoid it next time. But learning form others mistakes can be the best deal of this modern world. Work smart and find a better result.

So, here we brings you some of the most common mistakes of every beginners and you must avoid.


1) GIVING UP EARLY - Giving up early could be the worst decision of yours at an field. And most of the people do so because they get frustrated of not getting proper hands on it. I know it's hurts a lot at the beginning but you have no option, you have to fight with it.


Think about the time when you decided to learn guitar. It's may be you love songs or some songs that you feel catchy and decided to play.

And yes that make sense. When you hear a great tune, you wanna play it. But sometimes it's not that easy the way it looks.

If you pick songs out of the league, you'll get very frustrated- very quickly.

you try, fail, and quit

Only few can break the barrier and come out as a different being.

So, what's the solution now?

The solution only comes when you stands with basic. Learning guitar from basic and step by step process is the only solution. Go through some apps like yousicion or youtube and learn the basic lessons. If you bought guitar yesterday don't start playing songs, trust me you can't. Learn some basics, be consistent, and NEVER GIVE UP.

2) NOT GIVING IMPORTANCE ON TUNING GUITAR - Tuning the guitar is not that easy, how it looks like at the beginning. Yes there are some apps available that can help you to do very easily and perfectly.

But think about it, getting dependent on these apps will never develop your listening capability.

At a long term you will find a lots of problem because of your this simple mistake.

Just like you can't find the chords or tabs of any song or you will take a lot of time to find it because you never trained your ears for this.

You can play every chords but can't find it yourself. Yes if you are a extreme beginner then do use these apps and after some time may be after few months try to tune it by yourself.

whether you learn it at beginning or at any point of time you have to learn it.

So, start it early and try to tune it yourself. Not 100% but at least 70-80%

3) NEVER PLAYING IN FRONT OF OTHERS - New guitarists are shy and this is very natural. But you need to understand, playing in front of other is important.

It gives you happiness and also gives you a short term goal.

You can judge yourself that where you are lacking or where you can improve. It gives you a self confidence.

I'm not saying play in front of crowd or on the stage but at least try to perform in front of your parents or close friends. You can also record some video.

Believe me, it will be great, the compliments you'll get will motivate you to step forward.

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