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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Buying a brand new guitar is really exciting for any player who wants to learn guitar. I still remember the time when I was going to buy my first guitar, I was really excited and happy, I can't express the feeling of joy that I went through at that time. But I was bit of confused because I don't know what to look up in a guitar before buying it. But I was really glad that I had a mentor who guided me and helped me to choose my first guitar. With my experience and also with the words of other professional guitarist, I'll tell you how exactly you can choose your guitar so, that you can enjoy your passion.

You need to consider a lots of factors before buying any guitar, like sound, material used and even the price of guitar too. You also need to ask yourself that 'Why you are a buying guitar? Do you want to take your guitar skill at a professional level or you just want to develop any hobby or add some new to your profile. So, you need to look up to yourself too.

Now lets discuss the 7 common mistakes that you must have to avoid before buying your first guitar.


1) Buying a wrong size guitar.

A very common mistake that most of the people do is that they don't check the size of guitar. This often happens when you buy it online because you don't have a proper idea about the size of guitar. Electric guitars are smaller in size then acoustic guitars but the weight between them makes all the difference. Generally adults prefers full size guitars which is 165cm+ in height(acoustic) and for kids 3/4 size 100-120 cm in height is suggested.

The length of the neck can be varies from guitar to guitar. So, it is better to try all kinds of guitars and then choose the best one which suits in your hand perfectly. Small neck could be more comfortable for any beginners because it helps to hold the chords with less stretching of fingers.

2) Avoid buying expensive guitars at beginning.

If you are going to buy any expensive guitar then wait, this point is might be for you.

I am playing guitar fore more then 5 years now and from my experience. Many people quit playing guitars only because they won't able to give proper time to guitar, they gets frustrated and quit playing. Now in this case what is the point of buying a guitar, NOTHING. This is the reason I never recommend anyone to buy any expensive guitar at beginning.

I don't want you to be one of them to quit guitar at a early stage. So, if you are one of them who are willing to buy any guitar for just an hobby purpose or to add some skill purpose then never ever invest you money on expensive one. There are lots of top quality guitar available that comes under at very affordable price. Acoustic guitars like Yamaha F310 , Kadence Acoustica Series 41, Fender SA 135C is well enough option for any beginners.

But again if you can buy expensive guitars easily then the choice is your, there is no harm on buying any expensive guitar. High price is generally equal high quality products. So, if you want and can afford those expensive ones then definitely go for it.

3) Choosing guitar only on the basis of brand.

It is an common mentality among the people that big brand is equal to great products. But that's not a complete picture. Of course you will get great products in some brands as compare to other but as a beginner you can't really select any random guitar only on the basis of brand. May be you are going for the product that is not made for beginners or may be the material used is not well enough, you never know until you do proper research. Just because the brand name is high you can't decide whether the guitar is for you or not.

And again a high quality brand has a high quality price, which I'm completely against of at a beginning level as I mention above.

So, my suggestion is to buy guitars of brands like Yamaha and kadence at beginning level which comes in a really affordable price. After an year or the time you realize you are doing good with guitar and need some more featured guitar then only go for big brands like Gibson and fender.


4) Not playing before buying any guitar.

This concept fits in all kinds of products you wanna buy, Whether you buy any phone, speaker, T.V, laptop or even your clothes. First you try these things in the stores then you make a purchase. Right? So, the same thing applies here also.

You need to check the guitar before buying it. If you know little bit of playing guitar then play any song on 3-4 guitars which you have been selected, then decide the better one which fits perfectly in your hand. Also check the tuning of guitar whether it last for a longer time or not. If not then avoid that one.

5) Buying a guitar without accessories.

This is an very common mistake among the beginners. They buy a guitar but forget to buy the accessories with them. So, make sure you should avoid this mistake while buying any guitar. These accessories are:-

  • Picks - Well pick comes in different size and thickness. Take 3 or 4 picks with you, so that you can select the perfect one for yourself.

  • Extra set of strings - Extra sets of strings always going to help you in time of need.

  • A guitar strap - It will help you when you will hold your guitar for longer time.

  • A guitar bag - Pretty obvious. Right?

  • A tuner(optional) - I'm making this optional because you can also tune you guitar with you phone. Just download any guitar tuning app from play store or apple store.

  • A amp(optional) - If your guitar can be plugged then you need this.

6) Avoid buying hard string guitars.

Strings plays a very important role in a guitar. Therefore you need a more comfortable strings of guitar before you buy it. You need to check that the strings are lighter gauges which are easier to play and from that you should also ensure that the strings are adjustable.

Well, there are some demerits of lighter gauges strings:-

  • Lighter strings are break more easily.

  • It may creates an ugly type of buzzing sound after sometimes.

Note- Light strings are only for beginners. if you are already knowing guitar, then go for heavier gauge strings.

7) Avoid guitar with bad machine heads.

Machine head is geared apparatus in which strings are wrapped for adjusting the tension of strings. In acoustic and electric guitars worm gears are used or placed. But on bass guitar the tension of strings are extremely high that's why in bass guitars heavier duty machine heads are used.

Whatever your guitar is, make sure that the machine heads which are installed in your guitar must maintain the tuning for a longer time. The traditional machine heads are not much successful in order to hold the tuning of guitar for longer time. To overcome this problem a modern day die-cast machine heads has introduced which made these gears more smoother and long lasting.

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