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Beginners Guitar Chords | 9 Must learn Guitar Chords | Guitar Classes | Guitar Guide

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Guitar chords are very Important to learn in order to play any guitar perfectly. There are many chords that you can learn in a guitar, but here we will primarily focusing on beginners chords that one must to learn.

If you want to play any song you need to learn chords. And these chords that are given in the article are the building blocks for your songs. The chords that are discussed here are beginners chords, easy to learn and some of the most effective chords of guitar. You can play almost every song with the help of these chords via adjusting your strumming speed,

voice and tone with metronome.

METRONOME :-  It's a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick.

This is our series of guitar classes that will help to grow your guitar skills faster.

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The chords maintained above are the basic chords of guitar. These chords are presented in a diagram and here are the meanings.

1) 6 vertical lines are represented as six strings of guitar. Starting from top string there names are E,A,D,G,B,E. If you consider first image which is of Em chord, It shows you need to put your one finger on A string and another finger on D string.

2) 5 horizontal lines are the border line of every frets of guitar. Usually guitars have 19 or 20 frets. Here on the first image you can see the both fingers are kept on the same fret, which is fret no 2. Basically the square boxes on the diagrams are the frets of guitar.

3) black circle denotes your finger that you need to place on.



Basic chords helps on understanding the notes more precisely as they are sets of notes that are played on a guitar. You can play many many songs with these chords. There is one more basic present which is F chords, but I didn't maintained it here because at very beginning F chord is not really easy to play which is very frustrating and frustration can lead you to quit guitar, which is not good at all.

Well, these 9 chords are well enough to practice on guitar at beginning as their sounds are so melodious to hear.

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