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Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 inch cutaway review 2021 - guitarduniya

There are lots of doubt comes in the mind of every beginner that, how is juarez guitar? And its pretty obvious question because it comes with the lowest price that you can ever imagine. But is it really worth it? As we know Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 inch cutaway is one of the cheapest guitar available online, so lets discuss and review everything about this guitar including the price of this guitar and then decide whether we should invest on it or not.

The neck of this guitar is made from Linden wood, whereas the bridge material is made from plastic, the finger board, sides and back material is made from Linden wood as well, strings is made from nylon. Best guitar to get started with. This is a bit small in size which is good for beginners as they can handle it better.

Fully Linden wood covered body comes with 18 frets with great effective look with innovative design to produce good quality sound.

Everything is fair enough for this guitar and the price of juarez acoustic guitar is extraordinary. It is the cheapest guitar you would ever find.



  • Product Dimensions - 98 x 40 x 10 cm 2.06 Kilograms

  • Item model number - 038C

  • Body Material - Linden Wood

  • Colour - Black

  • Fretboard Material - Ebony

  • String Material - Steel

  • Number of Strings - 6

  • Material - Linden Wood

  • Item Weight - 2 kg 60 g

  • Bridge Material - Plastic

  • Bridge Material- Plastic

  • Back Material - Linden Wood

  • Body Material - Linden Wood

  • Finger Board - Linden Wood

  • Hand Orientation - Right


Here is an original amazon review.



To be honest the sound quality of this guitar is fair enough. At this price it's pretty amazing. As this is a low cost guitar so it might be possible that the guitar starts buzzing after sometime because the action might become high after sometime, for that you have to take extra care of this guitar. This is not an long run guitar but you can continue with it if you proper care of it like untuning the guitar after playing, this will reduce the tension on the neck of the guitar. Thus, the action won't be high so early.

Overall a very smooth tune and vibrations are quite lovely which is perfect for beginners. You can't expect anything more at this price range.


1) Easy to hold and ultra-portable

2) Great looks with an innovative design

3) Value for money

4) light weight guitar.


We all know guitar is a kind of money type instrument, higher the price better will be the product. And this guitar is very very cheap but very famous among the beginners. Well, there are a few drawbacks of this guitar that we need to discuss.

1) The action gets higher after sometime, it increases the distance between fret and string.

2) No truss rod. This might cause the bending of the neck of guitar.

3) The building quality of this guitar is not well enough, as material of this guitar is too cheap.

4) Tuning pegs might gets harder with time.



This guitar is not a bad guitar. Only if you feel like you wanna experiment with playing guitar. But I do not recommend it if you're extremely serious about taking up guitar.

There are amazing guitar s if you increase your price range a bit (maybe 4000 rupees).

Because this guitar only has 18 frets and is extremely hard to okay because of high action. The tuning legs are of low quality and sound quality is average at best.

If you are someone who is looking for a really budget guitar to start your guitar journey then it's a must buy, but don't think of this as a long run investment.


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