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Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar Review 2020 - guitarduniya

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Yamaha F-Series F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar is perfectly designed to offers you tone and quality at an affordable price is the hallmark of our F series guitars. This guitar has passed many of quality checking processes and strict quality inspections. These efforts are leading to high stability and durability. Yamaha f280 is definitely a better choice for beginners. And It's price is one of the factor that attracts people in India.

It's comfortable slightly shorter scale length and slim neck makes strings easier to operate without compromising the quality of the instrument. Yamaha's F Series is made from excellent tonewoods such as a spruce top and rosewood fingerboard, blended with a tough thin lacquer finish to provide the guitar a refined sound and warm responsive.



  • Product Dimensions - 102.9 x 41.2 x 9.6 cm; 2.8 Kilograms

  • Item model number - F280 NATURALBody

  • Material - Rosewood

  • Colour - Natural

  • Fretboard Material - Rosewood

  • String Material - Steel

  • Neck Material Type - Rosewood

  • Item Weight - 2 kg 800 g

  • Manufacturer - Yamaha Corporation

  • Country of Origin - India

  • Back Material: Tonewood

  • Side Material: Tonewood

  • Top Material: Tonewood

  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

  • Fingerboard Material: R400mm

  • Bridge Material: Rosewood

  • Accessories: Hex Wrench

  • Body Depth: 96-116mm

In case if you have any doubt, here is an original amazon review.



Guitar sounds decent for the price. As you will face the problem with the guitar action.

When you start adjusting your action high it starts buzzing, so you have to be playing with some amount of action.

Overall a good quality and good sound at a reasonable price. In terms of quality it's identical to Yamaha f310 but has a better string spacing than f310 .So overall a great budget friendly guitar.


1) Good sound quality at a decent price.

2) Budget friendly.

3) High stability and durability.

4) Comfortable playability for beginners


As this guitar has a budget price it must have some drawbacks, as we all know guitar is a type of instrument where you need to pay to get the best.

1) Higher the action, guitar starts buzzing.

2) The tuning of guitar does not last long as the tuning pegs sis of poor quality which don't hold the string tension for long. But you can't blame guitar for this as it comes under budget price.


One more problem I would like to address here that I've seen a very less number of people are discussing. Should I buy it online?

Well, a lots of reviewers are keep on telling that they are not getting a proper package product from amazon. Almost everyone who had buy this guitar faced this problem. Sometimes they get damaged product or somethings they get badly warped package that can easily harm the guitar.

You can also check it here, the product is well enough but the packaging always disappoints.

So, from my opinion if you are searching for this guitar then it's better to buy it offline if possible. The price wouldn't be much different. As Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar price is between 6k to 7k INR only. But if it's not possible to buy this offline then you can also consider Yamaha F310. Both Yamaha F310 and F280 are like identical twins.


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