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Generally, you will see the comparison between fender and gibson. Right? Well buying an gibson guitar in Indian market is not really easy. As if you are a beginner, I would never recommend you to invest your money on such a expensive guitar.
That's why here we will analysis fender and Yamaha. Let's discuss the pro n cons and of these two acoustic guitar brand. And analysis which guitar is better for you?



Whether you are a beginner or intermediate Yamaha guitars are always going to add value to your money. And it's fully worth it to carry on with this brand. Yamaha is widely recognized as the choice of musical instrument for all kinds of players.
Yamaha first created their guitar products in early 40s and those were nylon-string classical models. After the rapid growth of guitar in market Yamaha introduced their first G series acoustic guitar includes G50, G60, G80, G100, G120 and G150 all were classical guitars. Yamaha always focuses in their quality building which can be affordable for many buyers. You can also say that the main reason behind the growth of Yamaha acoustic guitar is because of it's affordable prices. The success of classical guitar forces this company to extend their business with steel-string and electric model guitars. Today Yamaha is one of the major production houses of guitars and their products is accepted by the professionals globally.
Yamaha usually use mahogany wood for the neck of their guitar because this is really soft and easy to work on apart from that it's strong enough to bear the pressure of strings. And Ebony wood is used in making the bride of guitar. For body, side and back Spruce and Rosewood are mostly used.  As these are the top quality woods it never gonna compromise in the sound of their guitars. Once you able to fix your guitar skills perfectly you're gonna bless your ear after listening the sound of this guitar. No other guitar in this range(or some in above range also) can match it's sound quality. 


1) Affordable price.
2) Long run products.
3) Best quality materials are used.
4) Good choice for beginners
5) Rich tone


1) Mediocre design and looks.
2) Some guitars loses their tuning more often.
3)Some guitar's strings are not durable.

Note - These cons will not allows you to stop buying it. These drawbacks can be over come with little cures.


Fender is best known for its solid-body electric guitar but it's acoustic version is not back in race. In fact fender acoustic guitars is performing really great in last few years and it is one the favourite among the beginners because it comes in a very affordable price.
Fender musical instrument corporation is an American industry begin in 1938, then later after the initial growth of guitars they started there mass production electric guitars in 1950s. In the early 50s fender was the main rival of gibson and both were producing their best solid body guitars and ruling in the guitar market, And even today they produces one of the top quality products.
But when it comes to acoustic version of fender guitar then you have to compromise something. Actually they have a mass marketing products for various range of prices. So, if you buy a low price guitar then you need to compromise the sound and quality of building. As compare to yamaha acoustic, fender won't touches the expectations at the same price range. 
If I tell you the material used in fender guitars. Then the body is made up of  narrow range of wood. Historically, some of the best sounding Fender guitars have been made from Swamp Ash. But again in acoustic guitars they uses laminated woods that make guitars more cheaper in prices. Fender is their most basic, lowest price option. That’s not to say it’s a bad option. Fender has the most number of beginner guitar that can be your best choice at a very affordable price. But if you go higher in price you will get the top quality acoustic products, which cannot be comparable with any other brand. A top quality wood like mahogany, maple, rosewood is used in guitar like Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar and Fender CD-60 SCE NAT  Dreadnought Semi Acoustic Guitar


1) Affordable price
2) Ideal for beginners 
3) Fairly rich and deep tone
4) Gorgeous design


1) Not enough quality to touches the standard of Fender

The only drawback of fender acoustic guitars is it's quality making, otherwise fender is way much better then any other brands.

So, Now you know Something historically about Yamaha acoustic and Fender acoustic. You have also seen the pros and cons of these two guitars. But the question is still same "Which one is more better Yamaha or Fender" ? Let's examine both.



The price range of Yamaha guitar is 8000 to 20000 INR. So, can you say it's quite affordable. 

Decent look.

 Great quality of materials are used.

              Great sound quality at a decent price.

Sound quality

Yamaha F370



The price range of Fender guitar is 9000 to 50000 INR. So, it has both expensive and affordable product. Choice is yours.

 Really Attractive looks

 Quality of materials used depends on the price of guitar.

              Great sound quality perfect for any beginners.

Sound quality

Fender CD 60 Dread V3 DS 6

Now the choice is completely yours. Go for that brands which suits you or complete your requirement.
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